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Jim is a ... who has won numerous  ... and loves ...  .  He's a real ...

I'm just kidding.  I hate it when people write profiles in the second person.  Sorry if that's you.  It's cool I guess.  It just drives me nuts personally.  Follow me anyway.  

For the record, the Man With No Pants is a gimmick.  I'm not a perv, and I actually have shorts on in these pics.  There are a lot of great writers here, and I ain't one of them ... Thus the gimmick.

Understand this ... Like I said, I'm no writer.  No clue where comas go.  I just sprinkle em around.  Spelling?  I overwhelm Spell Checks.  Grammatics?  I don't even know what that word means.  I have a lot of things in my ADHD brain and the Ritalin can only do so much.  Just get through it.  Okay? 

I'm a marketing guy, semi retired small business man gone broke, and middle aged plus guy who's focused on changing our country's corrupt political system and protecting the Constitution.  See what I mean about comas? 

Good luck you say?  People have been telling me I can't do things all my life and I made a life out of making them eat their words.  I believe in myself and am very loyal to myself.  My organization is growing legs and I'd like you to visit our web site and join us.  It's called the Housefire Project and we're going to have an impact on the way Washington does business.  http://www.housefireproject.com/


I love me.  I found someone who loves me as much as I love me.  Also ... I love them even more than I love me.

I dunno what to tell you.  People either love me or hate me.  Been that way all my life.  I came up the hard way and I've seen a lot.  Too much. All I can tell you is this.  I'm honest.  The guy you read?  That's me in real life.  Ask any of my followers who know me personally.  My mom raised me not to be a follower and I definitely don't.   Mom raised me to accept responsibility, and I do.  You will never  hear an excuse come out of my mouth.  I've told you all the stuff I want you to know.  It's not all good, and you'll figure it out if you read me.  This is a profile.  It's supposed top draw you in.

I love Jesus, but don't always sound like it.  When I want it to stick, I give it to you hard.  You'll see.  I have some big goals and I don't have time to pussy foot around.  Read a hub, any hub.  Doesn't matter.  You'll either run the other direction, or you'll be my friend, and I welcome you.  I can't do what I want to do alone.  This is getting long.  I'm out!

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    Do Rich People Suck?

    23 months ago

    If you are a new reader, let me warn you. I am an acquired taste. It doesn’t come easy for some, and many never get it. Building followers is a slow process for me because I don’t write for the purpose of...

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    "The Speed Of Fart" .. what do we actually know about these little guys?

    2 years ago

    Farts are a part of our every day life. They are one of the few things that we all hold in common, yet so little time is spent on the subject. Let me try and do my part to try and change that! I need 36 hits to reach...

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    Buying Thermo-Pane Replacement Windows and what you should know .. The Salesman Speaks Out

    4 years ago

    I've noticed that a lot articles are "how to" and tend to be very informative. It amazes me how much people know . "How to train your dog to use the toilet, How to grow a two hundred pound water...

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    Mama's In The Kitchen (song)

    4 years ago

    This little dity is something I put into song. I was just making fun of my father and what I remember of him. Later on in his life, I undestand he gave up the bottle and found the Lord. He's gone now, and I hope he did....

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